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Low-Carb Breakfast Bar

low-carb-bars4Are your mornings hectic?

They are for most of us. Getting yourself and your family ready for a new day. So many things to organise and remember. And no spare time to cook.

Quick breakfast options like cereal or toast are pure carbs. So how about making some low-carb granola bars? Great for a quick breakfast on the go. Or perhaps a mid-morning snack with your coffee. 

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Super-Simple Low-Carb Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs

Low-carb breakfastAre you bored with eggs? They are the obvious choice for a low-carb breakfast. If only they were a bit less bland.

But they are low in carbs, high in protein and fat, packed with vitamins and nutrients. So let’s not give up on eggs. Let’s make them more interesting instead.

I like to think of eggs as a base for other ingredients. Kind of like rice in Chinese cuisine, or pasta in Italian (that’s remembering my pre-low-carb days, of course).

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7 Low-Carb Potato Substitutes (and How to Cook Them All)

low carb potato substitutesDo you miss potatoes on your low-carb diet?

I used to miss them so much. Problem is, they are so versatile. So once you cut out potatoes, you also cut out fries, crisps, mash, roast potatoes… Sigh.

Don’t despair. There is another way.

Potato might be the most popular root vegetable, but it isn’t the only one.

Its siblings in the root vegetable family are less famous, but taste just as good.

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9 Baking Problems Only Low-Carb Dieters Know (And How to Solve Them All)

Low-carb Baking Problems and How to Solve ThemAre you afraid of walking past a bakery?

Can you hear cakes whispering tempting promises? Knowing they are full of sugar doesn’t make them less desirable.

The rich fudgy texture of brownies. Butter melting on a fresh baguette. Scrumptious birthday cake.

You don’t have to say goodbye to your favourite treats. Because you can adapt them for low-carb lifestyle.

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Low-Carb Blueberry Tart

Low Carb Blueberry Tart - 5g net carbsI hope you are making the most of the berries season.

We know berries and cream are a match made in heaven. This recipe takes it one step further.

Blueberries sit on top of rich creamy mascarpone filling, inside golden almond-flour crust. Perfect combination of tangy and sweet tastes, offset by contrasting textures: crispy crust, smooth cream and plump fresh blueberries.

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8 Ways You Sabotage Your Low-Carb Diet without Realising

Top Low Carb Diet Mistakes You’ve been on low-carb diet for a while. At first, it was great. Pounds were melting off. You had lots of energy. You were eating delicious food and not feeling hungry. The best diet ever!

But then your weight loss stopped. What went wrong?

One of the common low-carb diet mistakes below might have derailed you. These mistakes are easy to make if you are not paying attention. Any one of them can sabotage your diet and prevent weight loss.

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Low-carb quiche with asparagus, goat cheese and Parma ham

Low carb quiche with asparagusDo you like asparagus? Most green vegetables are boring. But not asparagus! It has a strong and interesting taste. Its carb content is low – 3g net carbs per100g. Serving it steamed with some butter and salt is enough to make a wonderful side dish.

The perfect time to have asparagus is now, while in season. You can buy asparagus all year round. But the out-of-season versions, flown from half across the world, are just a bland caricature of the real thing. So let’s do something interesting while it lasts!

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