About us

We are a UK-based small business developing and selling products to support low-carb lifestyles.

Our range of supplements for low-carb dieters is now available to buy. We currently deliver supplements to UK, European Union and USA.

Our online shop stocks a small selection of other low-carb products that can be hard to find.

Nutri-Align contact details

Registered address: Belsyre Court, 57 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HJ
Company number: 07765823
Tel: 01865 249 143

You can also send us an email via the Contacts page.

Note from the founder

“Having struggled with extra weight for most of my life, I found that a low-carb diet is the only way for me to maintain a healthy weight and a sense of well-being.

I started by going on Atkins in 2007, and have also tried other plans such as Dukan and Paleo. I currently follow low-carb principles to maintain my weight and stay healthy. To me, this is an ongoing lifestyle choice, rather than a diet you go on temporarily to lose weight.

I am passionate about low-carb food and started this website to share my recipes and tips with others. This has led to me starting my own company to develop and sell low-carb products.”

Why buy from our online shop

  • Expertise – We are a specialist low-carb shop, focusing on low-carb products only. We understand the problems you might face when on a low-carb diet, and aim to provide products to help you solve those problems.
  • Unique product selection – We stock a small but carefully selected range of low-carb products that are generally hard to find in generic shops. Some of our products, such as low-carb multivitamins, are unique – there are no equivalent targeted products currently available elsewhere in the UK.
  • Precise information – We have done all the research so that you don’t have to. All product descriptions show the exact net carbs count and suitability for common diet programs
  • Fast despatch and delivery – All products are despatched within one working day. We provide a range of shipping options, including tracked delivery. Free delivery is offered on large orders, depending on the region. We deliver to UK, European Union and United States.
  • Money back guarantee – If you are not happy with your purchase, you can return it to us and get your money back in full.



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