Simple low-carb brownies

Brownies are not that hard to recreate without any flour or sugar.

We just need to use almond flour and a sweetener instead of sugar.

There are many low-carb brownie recipes out there. Here’s my version.

My inspiration was Pret-A-Manger brownies. I used to love them back in the day before going low-carb.

If you never tried them, they are very dense, fudgy and moist. I use a lot of chocolate and cocoa powder in this recipe, so the taste is very rich.

Sugar-free cocoa powder

I use Green & Black sugar-free cocoa powder in my recipes – I think it’s the best option if you are in the UK.

In the USA, good brands for high-quality unsweetened cocoa powder are Valrhona and Ghirardelli.

If you use a different brand, just make sure it doesnโ€™t have any added sugar.

Choosing a sweetener

Upu need to use a granulated sweetener, like Truvia or Swerve. Both brands are a mix of erythritol and Stevia extract, which is ideal for low-carb baking.

Liquid sweetener drops would not work in this recipe.

Low-carb brownies

Low-carb brownies – moist, rich and intensely chocolatey

Prep time: 5 min | Total time: 25 min 

Yield: 10 brownies



  • Preheat the oven to 190C/375F/Gas Mark 5
  • Mix cocoa powder with sweetener, almond flour and baking powder
  • Lightly beat eggs and mix with softened butter and vanilla extract
  • Combine wet and dry ingredients, and mix thoroughly
  • Pour mixture into a greased baking tray or a cake tin
  • Bake for 20-25 minutes. The top of the brownies should be firm but the inside should stay moist, so take care not to over-bake them.

Nutritional information

Serving size: 1 brownie (1/10 of the mix using ingredients quantities above)

Per serving: 234 calories, 4g net carbs, 26g fat, 8g protein

For the total mixture, using amounts listed above:
2346 calories, 40g net carbs, 73g protein, 250g fat

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14 comments on “Simple low-carb brownies

  1. Hey, I would love to make these but cannot see how much almond flour I need to use? Can you help? They look delicious ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Is that picture the way the brownies are suppose to look? My batter came out very think unlike box mixes which are usually liquid and my brownies were very thin.

    1. Hi Nicole, low-carb gluten-free baking is very different to standard mixes that come out of the box – different ingredients, different chemistry – so the batter’s texture is also different. In terms of thickness, that just depends on the size of your baking tray. If you want them to be thicker, use a smaller baking tray and add 5-10 minutes to baking time. I hope your brownies tasted good even though they were thin ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hiya, am really interested in making these but obviously wont get through them all in one sitting! How long do they usually keep?

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